Friday, July 06, 2007


Clubland was the best Australian movie I have seen for a long time. It had everything; comedy aplenty, pathos, people on the edge and couple of cute guys. While it had a high powered happy ending, one suspects that the real problem would remain insoluble till death.

Some may question the appropriateness importing an English actor, Brenda Blethyn but by golly, I doubt an Aussie actor could have matched her performance.

Some might call it a chick flick, but I think it is a movie for everyone. I am surprised at the limited release. I guess Palace Films know what they are doing.

Speaking of famous people, we were going to walk to gorgeous Como cinema, (why is it charging only $11 for admission and $4 for a decent glass of plonk?) but instead with brollies open, we walked to the tram. I nudged R and nodded in the direction of fellow passenger. R could barely recognise her because it has been many years since he saw her on tele. I have seen her around though, so I recognised her straight away. Here is a hint.

'It wasn't me Mrs Davidson'. Lizzie is now dead. The person it was said to is alive and well and travels on the number 8 tram often.


  1. I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed Clubland. I want to see it, also.

    Saw Romulus my Father recently, and it was just brilliant.

  2. I think that it is her name Andy. You are very good at gay trivia.

    Do see it Rosanna.

  3. Pfft. I had dinner last night with one your fellow Malvern bretheren who informed me also that I was good at the gay trivia. Pfft. Pfft.

  4. I can't even imagine with whom!


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