Thursday, July 26, 2007

A boycott

I recall passionately boycotting French products when they were testing nuclear bombs in the South Pacific. After the French government tried to blow up the Rainbow Warrior in New Zealand, my mind was set on France. France may have moved on, but I don't forget.

Our state of Tasmania was boycotted by many over their retaining of capitol punishment for the offence of indulging in homosexual sex. Tasmania re-invented itself and now is quite a good place to suck dick.

We were in Tasmania a few years ago and stayed in Launceston and drove along the Tamar Valley. It is truly beautiful. It concerns me greatly that a company wants to build a pulp mill in this valley beside the river. Worse, the mill could be processing trees that are hundreds of years old. I love the sound of chain saws in the morning. What happens to this minor processed timber? Sent on boats to Japan.

A close friend works for the Mitsui Corporation, a big Japanese company, so I don't want to diss them unnecessarily, but Mitsui is a significant shareholder in Gunns, who want to build this pulp mill.

Mitsui have all their fingers in many pies as does Gunns. Gunn's even have their own wine label and it is being boycotted by Melbourne restaurants from what I read.

Gunn's are suing environmental activists over their protests. Well, that did not work well for McDonalds when they sued in the UK.

I really don't like the idea of a pulp mill in the Tamar Valley in Tasmania, so although I have drunk Gunn's Tamar Ridge wine in the past, I shan't again.

Up to you.


  1. As Phrani once said; 'Everything is connected to everything else'

  2. I have tasted the drop once before, I shant again either.
    I haven't had wie for a very long time. My preference is Brown Brothers or McWilliam's Hanwood varieties.

  3. When they flooded Lake Pedder I could never figure out why they didn't log the Huon Pine beforehand. Good idea now to train loggers in scuba diving to go get the trees now.

  4. Phrani was a wise woman Rosannna, so wise, she never got another acting job, which is a pity because I loved her role.

    Wine is good Cazzie, you should have more. Given your job, I am surprised that you don't.

    Ohhh, my most dear Jahteh, Lake Pedder is going back isn't it. Remember the car stickers? You never saw a Kombi that did have a 'Don't flood Lake Pedder' sticker on it. Hopefully we are better at exploiting the environment now and get the timber out first.

  5. I know, and she shares my name - so I was fond of her.

  6. LOL, I think I surprise myself sometimes! Last night I did come and indulge in an ouzo and time it might be a wine :)


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