Wednesday, July 25, 2007

An ad for Dame M

Dame M went for the last shot about her eyes by visiting a large eastern suburbs catholic hospital last week for tests. She was told that she has macular degeneration and nothing can be done.

R spoke to her on the phone and from what he said, she is relieved now. She can no longer hope that her eyes will get better and will now adjust to how they are.

Dame M is now looking for a boyfriend who has good sight and can lead her around. Any takers? Her estate must be around 3mill if not more.

Not sure why she would look though. She already has the boarder who looks after her and a gentleman caller visits every morning. She gives him $40 and he returns later with her wine and cigarettes and whatever specials he happened to find in the supermarket. She refers to him as 'bloody Stanley' because he lectures her about her wicked ways, but I think she quite likes him.

R's last conversation with Dame M a few weeks ago did not go well and he was very annoyed after he spoke to her. I bore the brunt of his issues with her. But he called her out of the blue this evening because he is such a nice guy and perhaps felt a little guilty.

What makes Dame M interesting can also be problematic for sensitive folk.


  1. I have two aunties with macular degeneration. I'm hoping it doesn't run in the family.

    For that amount of money, I'll send her the Freshman!

  2. Yeah well, you know what the closely related cause is Daisy Jo.

    The Freshman would have to drink, smoke, got to bed late, get up late and be comfortable around gay people. The boarder deserves the money though. He fusses over her and protects her and has done for nearly thirty years.

  3. Drink? a fish.
    Smoke? a chimney
    Late? check..and check.
    I don't know about the last, but I imagine it wouldn't be an issue.

  4. All admirable qualities Daisy Jo. Have you never talked to the Freshman about sucking dick? While he might not, what might be his attitudes to guys who do?


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