Wednesday, July 25, 2007

711 gone

Just like the ending in the latest Harry Potter book where he lost his virginity, our 711 has gone.

We have lived here for five years now. How quickly it has passed. A constant was always the 711 across the road. If we developed the munchies at 4 in the morning, there was always the seven eleven. So long as we were in a state to cross the busy St Kilda Road, the seven eleven would be there waiting, brightly lit, and a friendly Indian student at the counter.

But no more. It is to become very expensive smart apartments and businesses in Kings Cross Plaza have been closing down.

For a while I have meant to ask the nice wife of the owner of the 711 about what will happen. I never got around to it and it just closed without warning and the bright fluoros are off. Well, as in the photo, one light kept burning but it too is off now.

I et my porridge on the balcony this morning and watched the many people attempt to visit the now closed seven eleven. It was a very good business with a constant flow of customers. I have a vague recollection of a post I made when it was robbed one evening.

There are always silver linings though. Trams won't have slurpee containers left on them anymore by the the students of Melbourne Church of England Grammar School. There will be less yahooing in the street late at night by customers. There will be less rubbish on the streets. The crows (ravens) won't have bins to empty everywhere.

But it is a bit weird for something to disappear that you have come to rely on on a very odd occasion.


  1. Harry lost his virginity?! I thought he adopted those kids, darn it!!

  2. Oh I would be so distraught! If my 7/11 closed down I'd go on a hunger strike!!

  3. What an in convenience that is :(

  4. One of my workmates got off the tram just there, every morning, crossed the road and got a slurpee and packet of potato chips for breakfast at that 7-11. He is devastated.

  5. Outsmarted me Daisy Jo. I don't know if Harry has children or not.

    Nutrition Steph, nutrition. Not found in 711s.

    An inconvenient action by a convenience story hey Cazzie.

    Your workmate is looking after his nutritional requirements Hawkeye. Slurpee and crisps for breakfast. I love it.

  6. Indeed. He now has to purchase his breakfast at the 7-11 at Spencer Street station, when he gets off the train. To compensate, he buys a jumbo slurpee, so that it still lasts the same amount of time once he's at his desk.