Thursday, June 07, 2007

Where are they all?

When there is a bit of a program gap to fill in one of our tabloid current affair tv shows, there is always an amusing package on standby. Vox pop some Americans in their streets about serious world matters or world geographical questions.

Funny that all the smart and worldly US bloggers I know are nothing like these people they find.

Every so often a list is posted on the net of what American tourists ask about Australia before they arrive here. No, you will need more than a sandwich when crossing from the east coast to the west coast....and we do have electricity.

But the Chaser team had a good piece the other night. They started by asking US people in the street about the World Trade Centre disaster. When given a choice of three religions of the attackers, two people said Hindus. Another question was if they knew the year of the attack. I got it wrong, it was 2001 and not 2002 as I guessed. But the classic was when they started asking people what was the date of 9/11 disaster.

It is on their website
Go to Video highlights and it is the Firth 9-11 poll.


  1. Kin of like, "How long does 60 minutes go for?" LMAO

  2. About 40 minutes the time I watched it Cazzie. The rest was ads.

  3. "What nationality were the terrorists?" is always priceless. Iraqis is the most common answer, but the bulk of them, if not all, were Saudi Nationals. US invasion? No, lets piddle on Afganistan and beat the shit out of Iraq. That should do the trick!

    Whenever I see a Vox Pop, I always think of Sam Newman and doubt very much they are an accurate sample of the locals. Then again, they might just be...

  4. LOL Andrew, but of course you are right!