Sunday, June 03, 2007

Toothpaste and soap

Daisy Jo wrote a post about toothpaste. I shall do one about soap.

While I am fairly brand loyal, I don't have any brand loyalty to soap. I have tried the lot. My latest is oatmeal. It is quite spikey with bits sticking out of it to abrade one's ultra smooth body. I have heard that it can be used for kinky sexual purposes. No idea how. It is also disappearing very quickly. It just melts away. You do have to be a bit careful with it on your tender parts.


  1. Ah Andrew, now you've gone and done it...your entire readership is googling "kinky uses for oatmeal soap".

    Will need a shower soon. Can I borrow a bar?

  2. Palmolive Gold. No exceptions. Time to bar up!

  3. My imagination is working overtime and none of it good.

    They make the soap soft so it does disappear quickly. So buy in bulk, take the wrappers off and throw it in a dry cupboard for a few months and it hardens up and lasts for ages. (if the GG touches that last line, it will be his last)

  4. Lucky I know already Daisy Jo. The clue is in the post. And no, I am not giving you my bar.

    Often use that brand Rob. But I tire of the one scent.

    Goes for any soap Jahteh? Dry them out a bit before you use them?

  5. You might lose a bit of the scent but that's not what cleans you. The only downside is if you drop the soap it's likely to break into bits.
    Always trust a tip from an old crone of the forest.

  6. And the bits would be promptly washed down the plug hole by my full flow water wasting shower appliance. I'll stick to my present habits then. I don't trust old crones nor redheads. I think red heads have voracious sexual appetites.

  7. Hey, I'm a red-head and I...I... okay, I do have.