Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tease Mother

No, not been teasing my mother, not lately. More that I reckon my mother was a tease when she was young. I never ask, but sometimes I steer things towards her talking about her youth and blokes. She met my father at the Presbyterian (how did I know an American spell checker would fix that word) Presbyterian Fellowship Association dance. My mother was brought up with religion, so I give her the benefit of the doubt. My father and his friends just went to pick up.

Then there was the guy she was fond of, a second cousin I think, who while indulging in horse play at Mordialloc Beach on a family Boxing Day picnic, hit his head and died.

Then there was the guy who lived in Hughenden Road East Kilda or Caulfield. Mother had to take a bus, a train and a tram to meet him when he snuck out of the big two storey house to see her. Her parents did not want him to associate with a scrubber from a market garden in Clarinda. She could even recall the street number and I checked the place out a few years ago and it is a block of flats now.

I feel so sad for her, the true love of her life and her real match was my uncle. My stepmother told me in a vexatious whisky laden moment, that they even did the biz. Step mother has a letter that confirms. Possibly it is not a good idea to have a younger and attractive brother living in your family house. He went onto to marry and have children. Even now, at her age of seventy plus, I think she would go weak at the knees just from the memory if she met him again. It is funny the things you see as a child that you don't see, and then many years later it all makes sense. My uncle is now crippled with back pain but still quite handsome the last time I saw him. Gosh, his kids, my cousins I suppose, must be thirty odd now. He ended up marrying Beamauris money, the local school teacher, and it seems it has been pretty good for them.


  1. awwwwwwwww ... so sad that snobbery prevented people being happy.
    It is well documented that QE2 the late Queen Mother was really after the brother of the guy she ended up marrying.

    Everything was so very different in the old days.
    My father's family came from John Knox country in Scotland and was very High Presbyterian and absolutely despised all Catholics, so naturally the family went berserk when he married the Mick chick.
    The horror of my childhood in this religious dysfunction has formed my opinion of all religions.

  2. We are children of our time Bwca. I try not to and I never say anything out loud, but when I find out someone is a catholic, all the prejudices I grew up with come back. Lucky we did not have any non white people around or I would really be in trouble.

  3. Hughenden? That's VERY close to home!

  4. Ah, ok. Maybe you are in the block where the house was. It was a few years ago and I can't recall the house number. It was an ugly, freestanding large two storey house.