Thursday, June 07, 2007


I recall Richard Stubbs from a long time ago. He did stand up comedy on tv shows many years ago. He is now a broadcaster on ABC Melbourne Radio. R and I both lusted after him. He was an ok shape and although his face was prematurely craggy, he wore ultra tight and revealing jeans when he was performing. Back in the eighties or was it nineties, he was one sexy f***er.

I saw him a year or so ago for real. For some reason he looked at me, very unceleb like, and of course noticed that I was looking at him. It was just a brief glance, but it said from me, I know who you are, and from him, you know who I am.

On the radio, he can be entertaining but I am not sure that it is a good idea for him to appear on tv in an ABC radio promotion. (of course it is, I am writing about him). He still looks quite good. He had on full tv make up and his hair is dyed, but although a bit fatter in the face, he still looks quite hot.

And I reckon he is vain enough to google himself often and will probably read this post.


  1. LOL, I hope he does, and I wonder if he will recount the time you both looked at each other too?
    I once met Wilbur Wilde in person, oh, I know I am off topic, but it was very cool to see him in the flesh, and man is he tall!!!

  2. If he does read this, my mum says hello and she likes you.

  3. So Wilbur is very tall? He also has a big nose. Adds up to????? Always thought he was a bit interesting.

    Thanks Rob, clearly I am of a certain generation of people.

  4. LOL Andrew, I guess I should have got his shoe size.

  5. At least glanced down to see how big his feet are Cazzie.

  6. I agree with you Andrew... he's totally hot and has the sexiest smile.