Thursday, June 21, 2007

Slap on the pancake

Back in the eighties I had some skin imperfections removed from my face. Just some stuff done by my local doctor. Looked not nice while I was healing. I dabbed a bit of makeup on the healing wounds and presto, I became a makeup user. I am old now and I seldom bother. There are too many imperfections to fix with a bit of makeup. Revlon, oil free, warm beige if you are wondering, with a dab of Revlon oil free bronzing powder over the top if I am am going all out. You will not notice it but you won't see the imperfections either.

I was going to put a link to someone's blog here, but I won't, because she might think that I think her makeup is bad. Not at all, her post was just a reminder.

The recall was Indira Naidoo's debut as a newsreader on our ABC. While over a few days it improved muchly, the first night her make up was so so bad. Clearly the ABC make up department had never had to do the make up on an ethnically Indian person. I have a vivid mental image of that first night, but I cannot put it into words. Suffice to say it was execrable. Her make up is now excellent on tv and I bet she wished she had done her own on those first few nights.


  1. Surely there's a youtube link for this somewhere out there...

  2. Could well be. Her family at least might have it on tape.

  3. You're not getting any younger. Use Clinque's tinted moisturiser with sun protection, doesn't show up like makeup but good for the skin. It's expensive but worth every cent.

  4. You do phrase things so nicely Jahteh. I don't do moisturiser and haven't for years. Greasy old skin is not a great look on guys. My skin has plenty of natural oil.

  5. Too many blemishes eh?

    Perhaps you need Homer Simpson's patented makeup gun?

  6. Not bad Ben. Women don't like being shot in the face. Not being a Simpsons watcher was that a double meaning?


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