Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday night at the highrise, who cares what you see

In the very inner Melbourne, we live an exciting life. We positively rage on Saturday nights with the 'Scottish Doctor' (I believe there is a Teacher who would like to meet you Minister) and tv. In order of viewing, Coxies Big Break, Seven news, Great Outdoors, Are You Being Served, Kick (new SBS show that I am giving a chance to), The Bill, New Tricks.

I expect I will be passed out asleep by eleven, but don't worry, I will rise at five, pop a pill or two and go off to a club that will just be starting to pump, or is that jump?

Not quite all doom and gloom really. We had a nice breakfast out, did some food shopping, home and did stuff around the place, walked to the Casino and had a late lunch and spent five dollars each in the pokies. Caught a tram home, had a chicken roast dinner.

What this post was actually going to be was to draw your attention to a webcam. The Pasha Bulker ran aground on Nobbys Beach in Newcastle, NSW. It is still there and getting pounded by waves. You can see it on webcam. But don't look now if you are in Australia, it is night time. AET 21.55, GMT 11.55, PST 4.55.
Coastal Watch , a site for surfers to check waves, but has expanded a bit.


  1. I like the Inspector Lynley Mysteries and I'm very pissed that Channel 9 removed 'Waking the Dead' without notice and put on a Jennifer Lopez movie.

  2. Way cool that cam!!

    Chicken roast dinner, devine.

    We went out first Saturda in ages this past weekend, in was great!

  3. Lynley has an odd voice. Handsome though.

    So I read Cazzie. The venue looked interesting.


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