Monday, June 18, 2007


I am sure we would all like to think of ourselves as people who would help someone in distress. One poor chap did today and died as a consequence. While I may have had a brother wrestle when I was a kid, I have never physically fought against anyone. I would not feel confident to physically tackle someone who I saw doing wrong. Not quite true. I have in the past but only after making a quick judgement of the person, and it was with words, not physicality. But it would seem that was all that this dead person did.

From what I know of today's incident, I would have left it well alone. There are times I have intervened and times when I haven't.

But if you don't, what do you do? Well the first thing is call the police if there is physical violence involved. Then observe and note. While you may not be the hero of the day, you could be the person who solves a crime by your observations.

In fact, for situations like the one today or just maybe something much more minor, if it is a breach of the law of a serious nature, call the cops. That is their job and theirs to prioritize as society dictates.

It was an awful thing that happened to someone going about their business today. He just tried to help a damsel in distress.


  1. Obviously the man who was killed was acting on impulse. A young woman in trouble, rush in to help her. This ended tragically but it is nice to know that old-time chivalry still exists on some level.

  2. I agree...just call the Police. I feel so sorry for that guy who tried to help and had to die cos of that! NOT FAIR.


  3. As Commissioner Nixon said, she can't and none of her cronies can recall anything quite like that. It would be nice to think it won't dissuade those who are able to chip in and assist.

    Yes Keshi, it is just not fair.

  4. I don't think any more Decent Citizens are going to be rushing to help anyone anytime soon...

    especially actress/model/dancers who have been in clubs all night fer godssake.

    Laughatus Prodeo has one of their normal dramatic posts about how we should not judge tramps by their MySpaceNightLife bragging, since TheAge published that of the ... the ... um - I will call her The Taxi Passenger.
    Has anybody noticed the complete absence of comment by the taxi DRIVER ? did I miss it?

  5. I don't know Bwca. Cops were sending pleas for the taxi driver to come forward. I never heard that he did.