Thursday, June 21, 2007

The restless natives

Today PM Howard made a significant announcement on Aboriginal policy in the territories, the territories, specifically Northern Territory, being areas that the federal government have overall control over. You can read it here. I instantly think the laws are extreme but gee, everything else has been tried. I will listen carefully to opinions from all angles over the next couple of days. R says it will make no difference. The aborigines will do what they want regardless.

I am not so sure. I think a bit of colonialism and control might be the thing that is needed. But god forbid that the government repeat actions and results of the past. These are lost people. It is our ancestors fault. But Australia is now, 2007. White fellah ain't going to go away.

First problem I see, trying to stop young Aboriginal men having porn magazines to jerk off over. Seems very extreme to me. Ah, perhaps they will have exchange to street node or wireless broadband to download stuffs. Can probably do it on their mobile phones. Do they need G3, whatever that is.


  1. As a true follower of reconciliation, I've chosen to give up the drink and the porn. However, I have struck a bit of a problem here. I've got way too much spare time now and I can't piss that time away on booze. I can see this ending very poorly if I'm a guinea pig here...

  2. I can see Howard in parliament, 'If Kempy can do it, then so can you black fellahs'.