Sunday, June 03, 2007


This is just so nice. It made me smile. It made me think. It cheered me. It made me remember the Sydney bloke who used to go around writing Eternity on footpaths. An ex workmate made a film about him.

But when you are in a grump, early in the morning when you have to go to your lousy job, could you fail to be cheered when glancing up the road hoping a tram will come soon and then glancing down at the tram tracks and seeing this.


  1. I'd speak back to it and say, "Gee, thanks!!" LOL

  2. I think I saw that film some time ago (about Eternity). As for the featured sentiment, it's a far cry from the finely-crafted writing with chalk. Not quite as personal and not quite as dramatic ("Hey, I got a stencil and a spray can!").

  3. True perhaps Rob, but much nicer than most graffiti seen today.