Thursday, June 07, 2007

Out and about

Today was not one of my best days. Bad news from doctor telling I must become a saint for the good of my health and an aborted tourist walk.

ABC Melbourne in conjunction with Melbourne University had made some podcasts about Melbourne. There are three, one on food, one on entertainment and one of dirt, death and disease. The idea is that you download them to your personal mp3 player, print out the map and use them for a guided walking tour. I did the printing and the downloading.

Problem one, I don't have a personal mp3 player. But I can use my mobile with earphones. I transferred them to my phone.

Problem two, I realized my phone doesn't have a pause feature. I will have to keep pace precisely with the commentary.

Problem three, no need for me to actually go to Fed Square or Princess Bridge, so I must start the commentary on the way to the city. I did, in the tram.

Problem four, even at maximum volume, it is not loud enough.

Problem five, I was running behind the commentary and became quite hot while trying to catch up.

Problem six, I checked the map and I have to actually walk to Lygon Street Carlton. Screw that.

I was now at Bourke Street and thought this was all very stupid. I already know all these places, streets and lanes well enough. I walked back to Swanston Street and caught the tram home. I then did other stuff around the apartment while listening to two of the commentaries on the computer, the dirt, death and disease one and the food one. The commentaries are wonderful. I learnt a lot. I thought the food one would be boring, but no, very interesting.

But an outing is never a waste. I am not sure of the connection between a galahs and bongs, but in Bourke Street at the dealer end, they are closely associated.


  1. Aw, sorry about your sex life but Pell will be pleased.

    I nearly chucked your email, it was so formal, I'm used to the GG calling me names.

  2. Sorry I meant I thought it was spam.

  3. Look after yourself, hang on, looks like you gotm a workout with the walkabout tour!. I should like to do this one day also. I have an Ipod, wonder if you can download it onto there?

  4. Well, doc did not quite say that Jahteh.

    I do get plenty of exercise Cazzie. I don't know much about ipods, but I guess you just download it to your pc and then transfer it.

  5. Bourke St and Bongs? Where has this shop been all my life?

    I'm sorry you had a bad day, Andrew. I hope things begin to look up. Take care.

  6. Thanks Rosanna. I think it was near the corner of Russell Street. The galah is friendly.

  7. Don't get an iPod. There are enough white bloody ear buds around! I've got an iRiver. You just plug it into the computer and it's like a second hard disk. Then all you have to do is play. None of this iTunes crap or DRM shit.

  8. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Andrew, I found myself perusing your back catalogue and stumbled on this post. I was going to take a photo of this bird myself a few months ago then I forgot all about him...He looks so strange in that environment. He is free to go but he doesn't leave. We stopped to talk to the bird(as one does) and the guy in the shop told us his name is Zippo.

  9. Not that long ago LiD, I was up that end of town and I couldn't see him anywhere, so I assumed he had gone. Please take a photo, a superior one to my camera phone shot. I always worry about birds who are untethered getting a fright and flying in panic into something nasty. Or a dog jumping up and grabbing him.

  10. Anonymous8:32 am

    Andrew, it is a worry and it's sad to think something has happened there. He's such a long way from the bush and a natural life.

  11. Indeed, and they are very social creatures.


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