Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Not meant to be

A paste from one of my posts back in April.

There was sad news last night too. Hairdresser person (see last entry in
cast list) has breast cancer. She is going for, not as Dame M said an autopsy, but a biopsy this week. Funny, I did not think she was her usual self last night. She had told R and Dame M and I spoke to Dame M about it today. What a barstard of a thing.

Today the hairdresser had the operation although I am not sure of the details. Yesterday her mother travelled by train from Swan Hill to be with her. It had been planned that the mother would catch the late train and the hairdresser would pick her up from the station after work. The mother decided she would like to do some city shopping first and caught the earlier train.

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  1. Thank heavens for that...what a bloody disaster it was.

    Re the breast cancer biopsy, I hope the histology comes back as benign, it is such a rude awakening for your friend and everyone around her. I nurse these fine ladies, of all ages, it just does not discriminate. Fingers crossed. Be sure to hugg her, on the unaffected side..alot!


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