Friday, June 08, 2007

A nostalgic wallow

Talk of an old tv show brought Petticoat Junction to mind. There were many many episodes made, over 200. Sixties tv is marvellous to remember, but it is best left in the memory and not revisited.

What was good about this show? A strong female lead, Kate, a train, a hotel lift that did not work, although I can remember in one episode it did.

It always puzzled me why there was only a train and no road access to the hotel. The colour version is available, but I prefer the black and white opening theme, as I remember it. The later version had the dog also popping up his head from the tank. The daughter cast changed a few times. Just looking at a site as a reference, they all had the same character name, but nicknames were used, Billy Jo, Bobbie Jo, Betty Jo. and Daisy Jo (sorry, couldn't help it)


  1. Yep, my mum had us watch this show, and we loved it too.

  2. We hillbilly girls always have Jo as a middle name!