Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Memoried defective or Childhood #77

R is off on work business for a few days. He is taking clients to a camp on the Mornington Peninsular. I thought that I stayed in a place at the same location when I was a kiddie. That is the Lord Mayor's Children's Camp in Sunnyside Road, Mount Eliza. Before writing this, I thought I should do some research (yes, I know, I normally don't let facts spoil a blog post).

Lord Mayor's Children's Camp still exists but it is a Portsea. The cogs turned for a few minutes and now I can recall. That is correct. It was in Portsea. R is staying in Mount Eliza, some distance away.

I stayed at the Lord Mayor's Children's Camp when I was a kiddie. It was certainly in Portsea. It was for disadvantaged children of a young age. Not sure why I was there as I don't recall the disadvantaged childhood. Amazingly it still exists, under the auspices of the Lord Mayor's Charitable Fund. I assume it is the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, but not sure.

It was the only time I have ever experienced real homesickness. We had to have a medical exam. I was sitting next to some dude and he said, can you stop breathing so noisely? He was my bunkmate and when I woke the first morning and my bed was wet, I wondered how I suddenly developed a weakness of my bladder. It came to pass that it was my bunk mate above me who had the bladder weakness and IT had dripped down during the night. He was a toughie, but with a weak bladder. I can recall staring out to see in the direction of Melbourne and thinking that by the time I left the camp, my grandparents would be dead. I cried. I must have cried again at some other time as there was a lovely lady from an apple orchard near Maldon who comforted me.

The cogs are still turning. Now I remember that I did stay in Sunnyside Road, a camp when I was in secondary school. So I went to two camps, LMCC at Portsea when I was in primary school and another during secondary school, in Sunnyside Road, Mount Eliza.

Bits I recall from this one was a monstrous communal dining room and had this small device that shot out insecticide every so often. There was also a piano, and after a friend and I had played it a few times, the cook came out from the kitchen brandishing a cleaver and said if she heard bloody chopsticks one more time, she would chop the piano strings.

We were also to be taken somewhere by coach, but at the end of the street the coach collided with a car and it was cancelled. I recall the motorist walking around covered in blood. It was back in the days of 'give way to the right', so I expect the motorist was at fault.

We were also taken on a tour of the Morning Star Boys Home. They were involved in small agricultural projects. I was frightened of them. It was rather like going to the zoo and the boys were all the exhibits.

Now, do I get a prize for my messiest post ever? Sorry.

Lord Mayor's Children's Camp
Morning Star Boys Home
Camp Manyung


  1. This memory thing is a messy business, so yes, your prize is in the mail. Good post!

    I'd call being peed on and shot with insecticide disadvantaged, regardless of whether you were that way beforehand.

    Is Lord Mayor a political office or a famous person (in order to have a camp named after him)?

  2. You are too kind Daisy Jo.

    The Lord Mayor is a political office. He is the top councillor for the City of Melbourne. Although I am only two kilometres, more than one mile but less than two, I am not a resident of the city of Melbourne. It is mainly the centre of the city and a couple of kilometres out. CofM Mayor is Chinese born with the name So. He is rather popular among the young, (So's my bro) due to his expert self publicity and media management. He is an elected mayor who is elected by councillors who are elected by ratepayers. The Lord Mayor's Charitable Fund has been around for many decades. More than you needed to know I expect.

  3. I think I went there on a cub scout camp many years ago. Remember going to one down in Portsea, and I can only guess this was it.

  4. Brainstorming you were for sure, interesting what the mind can recall at times. Scents, textures, light and all

  5. I was in the Queenscliffe museum when a group of children came in from the home down there. One little soul confided to me that one of the boys had stolen her packet of mints and it was the only possession she had. I ended up looking like Mother Hubbard with kids draped all over me because I told them stories about the town.

  6. Guess it was Andy. There was another camp at Somers.

    Cazzie, I do remember those little things.

    Expert at Queenscliff(e?) Jahteh? I am sure you loved it.