Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lunching with Dame Elisabeth

We had lunch with Dame Elisabeth Murdoch today. She is the mother of Rupert Murdoch, for US readers, yes the New York Post and trier for Wall Street Journal Murdoch, one of the big film studio companies and Myspace. For UK readers, yep, The Sun, The Times and BSkyB. Asian readers, S'pore's Straits Times and I think a major paper in HK.

More later.

We trod the usual path to the Frankston market to see my sis in law. There is a suburban street we travel along for a couple of kilometres. It is called White Street and it is a single lane street lined with houses. It should be the White Arterial. Thousands of cars must travel along the street daily as it links two major roads. I imagine in peak traffic time, there would be a long bank up of cars. Intolerable for the local residents. I am not sure if anything is planned to relieve them of this.

We had a cup of coffee with sister in law and younger niece at their food vendor caravan. We were surprised to see my nephew and his girlfriend there. They were returning from a prize dirty weekend away at Sorrento. I mean prize in that they won it as a prize. It was very nice sitting in the sunshine and chatting. Nephew is still working at Metropol in St Kilda but also at Hubcap in Richmond.

We then went onto the McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park in Langwarrin to meet up with my mother and step father for lunch.

The park is very nice and has a lake containing pretty green water. The ducks were unconcerned with the water colour. There are lots of outdoor sculptures and I will post a few pics in the subsequent post. The site was very nicely laid out. There is an inside gallery too but truly, I do not get most welded together scrap metal modern sculpture at all, although I saw a couple of pieces that would make nice lamps.

Mother managed to find an piece that must have been an art piece from 553 St Kilda Road. I haven't checked what this building is yet but I will check on my St Kilda Road picture web site. I found a piece from Marland House, which I think is or was in William Street and our public broadcaster, the ABC, had premises there for many years.

We had a lovely lunch in the cafe in the company of Dame Elisabeth, well she was on the next table. She was there with a male around my age. He certainly did not seem to a rich person and there weren't any very expensive cars in the car park. My guess he is a paid carer, or chauffeur or companion. She went down in my estimation when she left some wine in her glass after lunch and she left. She paid and I noted a fiver went into the tip jar. Proportional to her wealth, it is like giving the staff a sniff of a five cent piece. But I don't have a problem with Dame Elisabeth. She is generous benefactor to many things, mostly artistic, including the sculpture park. At the age of nearly one hundred? she is sharp as a tack and always good media value. Her son, well he is another matter. Her short Wikipedia entry is well worth a read.

It is so unlike my mother to not bowl up to Dame Elisabeth and start chatting, but I think a real Dame even intimidates my mother.

I had Cajun chicken and salad for lunch with two glasses of wine and a short black for just over $25. Pretty good value and it was lovely place to sit and look out over the gardens and I highly recommend it. The only negative was the traffic noise from the road.

Straight home for a rest after that. Enjoying myself exhausts me.


  1. Well, you have done a fair bit this weekend, cajun chicken, mmm, yumm, I am hungry now I just arrived home from work.

  2. Have had had no internet connection for the WHOLE weekend - it's been awful.

    I think the Dame is just lovely. She had a fair bit to do with my school, and every time I meet her - I ask her about politics.

  3. "and every time I meet her"

    Nicely upstaged by Rosanna.

  4. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come across as a wanker. I have only seen her because of her involvement with our school. She used to own it etc. so she hangs around a fair bit.

    I certainly don't do luncheons with her though. She used to present awards and I'd clap.

    Have not seen her since graduating and I think she sold the school.

  5. You did not come across like that. I was just kidding.