Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Keeping me off the streets

R sent me an sms today from the camp where he is staying.

Hi. Just thought if you want a little cooking project over the next few days, you could make some of your delicious soup.

The cheek..........but I did notice ham bones at the butcher for $6 as against the supermarket for $9. I will make a loaf of bread too for Friday night when he returns.


  1. Flattery will get him everywhere!

  2. I am very susceptible to flattery.

  3. Mmmmm pea and ham soup, to die for :)

  4. Nothing nicer than coming home to the smell of bread baking... you'll score brownie points for sure

  5. Mine is pretty good Cazzie, because it takes three days to cook. It has to mature.

    Jo, the packet of bread mix goes in the breadmaker and it has a bit of a chemical smell about it, along with the bread smell.


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