Sunday, June 17, 2007


We visited Heide today. A strong latte was a double shot latte and charged accordingly. I shivered at the last mouthful.

As I have mentioned it the past, we lived next door to the artist Albert Tucker's sister. She was a nice old lady with powder on her face and a pretty shade of blue eye shadow to match her blue eyes.

I never forget when we visited her in hospital after her stroke and her hair had turned grey and she had hair all over her face.

I never forget her hesitation in showing us a picture of one of her daughter's husbands. After putting it forward, and then withdrawing it, we eventually saw that her son in law was Indian.

I never forget either the macabre paintings that she had on her walls. They were Albert Tucker originals and worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There was one picture we recall well, Tucker's Sister, a picture of our neighbour.

The Tucker exhibition at Heide, The Goddess Grins, Albert Tucker and the Female Image was interesting, but alas no Tuckers Sister. I need to speak to the curator, but I expect her daughter, a very nice person, has the painting.

Heide is very good. There was some interesting artworks to see, including photographs and I just love photographs.

You seem to step from suburbia to rural just by crossing one set of traffic lights. The parkland along the Yarra River is to be treasured.

Heide 1 is closed for repainting. It was the original house where John and Sunday Reid lived before they built their ultra modern and brutalist style house come art gallery in the sixties. It is hard to imagine how it worked as a house for living in. It did have a monstrous fire place though. It is now Heide gallery 2 and Heide gallery 3 is purpose built exhibition building.

But just wandering the grounds is pleasant enough. There are modern sculptures. The remains of the kitchen garden. The very slow moving Yarra and ubiquitous ducks. A mix of old exotic and old native trees. Very nice on a Sunday morning.

Old stuffs meeting new stuffs.

Not too many post and rail fences within a fifteen minute drive of Melbourne City.

Nothing like a nice duck.

Reo, concrete reinforcing welded together in nice regularity.

Some of the buckets have Beatles song titles on them, in reverse. Stick your head inside the bucket to read correctly.

There are one hundred of these buckets spread over the property.

This shelter has some weird planes and angles, but it very practical too.

The cows below are made of corrugated iron. They are quite old but have stood the test of time very well.


  1. The reo piece is intriguing.

  2. The cows were great Bobby, but second for me was the reo.