Sunday, June 17, 2007

A friend?

We see quite a lot of Dame M's tenant. He is a nice guy around our age and good fun. But we only ever see him in a Dame M social context.

I would like to more friendly with him, but I really don't know how to. We are a couple and he is not. Although he was part of a couple not so long ago, we did not like his poncy b/f and now neither does he since he has him in court.

Say we were to invite him for a meal at our place. It would be all ok, but it would be stilted.

I have discovered by the photoshopping that he did while making a birthday card, that he knows his way around a computer. Perhaps I should just ask him for his email and connect with him that way.

Or perhaps I should just accept how things are and leave it at that. I do that mostly nowadays, but I never used to and by making a bit of an effort, we now know the people we know.


  1. What about asking him if he cares to come over for some cheese and wine or a nice coffee and you can chat about ...(sing it) "Getting to know youuuu"...LOl....nah, but just let him know you would like to know more about how he composed the card etc...go from there.

  2. If he has his former "in court" ... I would be very wary.
    take care, xx

  3. let time do the walkin n the talkin ;-)


  4. As ever we would be happy to be of assistance.

    Have been known to reduce the 'stilted' factor at many an awkward dinner party by jumping out of a sumptuous Fleischers cake clad only in my Seniors' Card and a winsome smile ... well, more a smirk to be brutally frank.

    Only requirement is that you keep the cake forks locked away, as the last time we attempted such selfless social facilitation and lubrication there was a year long run on the Eye and Ear Hospital, white sticks and guide dogs.

    (I blame the shortage of rose-coloured glasses!)

  5. I like Keshi's idea best. Just see what happens. He must have been very provoked Bwca, as he is really not that sort of person.

    Seniors should not be able to afford Fleischers cakes M'lord. Bring on the forks.

  6. Rubbish!

    A Fleischers cake and a second mortgage go hand in hand. Specially as we Seniors can get 10% off, bringing it back to a manageable 5 figure sum - and as much clotted cream and marzipan as you can eat.

    Surely, Shirley-Marie Antionette, you don't expect us to eat Ferguson Plarres cake!