Sunday, June 10, 2007

A friend of a friend.....

Well, ok, it is Dame M's tenant. He has a female friend who is about forty. She is financially comfortable but without a partner. She is not unattractive, but I am not keen on her. She is very loud and gets very drunk in the manner that she drapes herself over people.

I like women who like a drink. They are usually fun and wicked. But I am not keen on drapey women who with their alcohol sodden breath whisper into your ear that they think you are wonderful and amazing and what a pity you are..................

I just try stay away from her. But R was the recipient today of a call from a distressed Dame M today. She cannot cope with this woman. Dame M might like a drink or ten, but she holds it together pretty well. If Dame M falls over, it more likely her eyesight than that she is p*ssed. (hey, you gotta make excuses for friends).

Dame M did not sleep well last night thinking about this woman. R gave her some clarity of thought and she is going to have a word to her tenant about this woman. I expect it will be along the lines of that she is welcome, but not if she has had too much.

A few years ago in Dame M's company, along with her hot great nephew and his girlfriend, I got a bit out of line talking to the great nephew after having a glass too many. Dame allowed me the luxury of a day to nurse my head, but the day after that, I received a stern phone call. 'Well, what were you like'.

My conversation with the great nephew was ok really, it was the fact that it was in front of Dame M. Again last night the Brighton Antique Dealer was talking about her first husband, the one of arabic origins and his nine inches. Dame M just looked the other way.

I am sure this friend of the tenant is a nice person when she is sober, but she is not a great drunk.


  1. Yes, we have a friend, who was our best man at our wedding. He is a rotten drunk, same as the friend of the tenant. Not welcome here if he has drinks on hand. Matter of fact, he has not been to this new place of ours...maybe he won't come...he frequents a waterhole close to his house.
    Anyhow, slobbering whispers are not on.

  2. Memo to self:
    Do not drink near Andrew

    Do not drape all over Andrew

    Do not tell Andrew it's a pity he's taken

    Just knock Andrew on the head and drag him away quietly. If no-one calls for him in two weeks, he's mine.

  3. We have probably all met one or two Cazzie. I may have met a few more than my share.

    Actually Jahteh, it was what a pity you are gay. I am sure you would only drape with style.

  4. I know that's what was said but what makes you think that would stop me.