Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Draft Post 10/05/07 Thecho

This post is actually quite a worthy one on an interesting subject, but I have had two goes at finishing it and I am now over it. There is enough there for you to get the gist.

For me, it has ceased to be interesting to wonder where technology will take us in the future. Expect the unexpected and I am pleased that people only take up the technology that suits them, not just because you can.

More interesting to ponder is what is stubbornly holding out against technology.

Here is a short list. Add to it if you can think of one or two.

Number one must be my Mum.

Whizz bang feautures of basic appliances. Did the rot start when micro wave ovens started to have buttons to press to reheat certain types of food? Who has successfully used them? Who has bothered at all? I just checked ours for the first time. It has a setting for jacket potatoes along with express defrost and defrost. I am sure microwaved jacket potatoes are delicious, if they don't explode.

We all like our feature packed mobile phones. What do we do with them? Mostly talk and text.

Our HD LCD tv has many, many features. Unfortunately they compromised on the one feature I use a lot, the sound. I have played with the many features, but never actually use them.

The computer could be a book in itself. All I want to do is web browse, download 'music' and email and some occasional simple word processing.


  1. Must poke jacket potatoes with a fork while raw to avoid explosions. I speak from experience.

    I can't ever get the defrost feature on the darn microwave to work properly. It results in chicken cooked around the edges, which is fine if you like rubber chicken.

    No mobile phone for me. I'm a dark-ages girl. People are incredulous that I can live without it.

  2. What amazes me to look back and see that from where I grew up out in the sticks, I used to travel about the place in my car as a young P PLater without a mobile phone..never scared to leave home, never worried I might get a fat in the middle of the niht or dare get a puncture from the un made roads. Now, I would not leave home with out my mobile phone, it is especially good when you have kids and may get a call from school or kinder re their health or whatever. And, beig a casual nurse, my shift might get changed, so I need to know this in advance.

    I am interested where technology takes us, because of my work. always something new coming along. An example is, the blood sugar level machine we use for diabetics..years ago, my nan had a machine and it took 3 minutes to get a reading, not to mention the rigmarole you went through to get the stick in the machine and finally get a reading (half the time you would have to start over again). Now, in the emergency department, we have a BSL machine that does a reading in 5 seconds!!
    Another simple test made easy is the pregnancy test, no laughing aloud, LOL. Used to have to wait a few months to see what, a dipstick and a few seconds later, wham, a result. Always handy when you have a patient presenting with abdo pain in the ED and you can eliminate it as a cause of the pain. Then, it may determine whether exploratory surgery is ale to go ahead.
    One thing I don't rely on, is the automated BP machines, sphygmomanometre. SOmetimes, they give an untrue reading, so I opt to take the BP old fashioned thing but a surity for me to get it right. Especially if I think the patient is HYPOtensive, or HYPERtensive.

    At home, I sometimes use thesettings on the microwave for defrosting the mince..sometimes..but, I try to avoid using it for anything but milk for cereal. And I never let the kids stand near it when it is on.

  3. Yes Daisy Jo. My experience with the defrost feature brings similar results.

    Don't talk to me about hypertension Cazzie. I am not long back from the doctor for test results. He is upped my bp med and suggested fish oil to get cholesterol lower.

  4. My mum has one of those microwaves that can double as an oven. I am the only person who has used it and it's only been used once.

    My mobile does all sorts of fancy things, but I limit it's use to phone, text and the odd photo. Yes, I can get the internet and email, but why? Home is much better and cheaper.

    Things are getting so complicated I think many people are just claiming back a bit of their sanity. Too much choice, too many options, too much to read in the manual, too much that can break or not return to the normal setting. Much of it is "Why do I need this bit when this other thing can do it better?" Plus I think many of us have learnt that there's little point to racing out and getting the latest and the best as something better will come along or the price will come down. It's not even an age thing.

  5. Pleased to hear it is not an age thing Rob. What made you think of that?