Sunday, June 03, 2007

A couple of pics from the McClelland Sculpture Park

I forgot the camera, so only phone pics. I had been playing with the camera features a couple of days ago and I must have set it to sepia.

Unlike Michelangelo's statue of David with his modest equipment, this male nude sculpture is very nicely done. Muscle Marys are usually under endowed but this muscley male sculpture isn't. The detail, right down to creases in the foreskin were very clear.
I initially thought these sculptures were covered in grass, real grass, but it just plastic or similar fake turf. Couch grass was sticking out in a couple of places though.
There is a fantastic sculpture at Docklands and I can never remember the name of it. It is wind responsive, as is this sculpture. The blade rotates and swivels as does the base. Marvellously balanced and engineered. Breeze imperceptible to me moved it. A gallery staff member told us some info about this sculpture, but I forget now.

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