Monday, June 04, 2007

Blasts from the past

The telephone does not ring for a week and then it rings twice in one night. Call one was a blast from the past. I like blasts from the past. It means someone is thinking about you. It was an old workmate of R who we used to be closeish friends with. We have not heard from him for a couple of years. Our life was moving on and he had his brother to worry about and he was moving on too.

His brother is back in gaol for pedo activity. I don't know the grisly details.

We met his brother once. He lived in a smart house on the railway line in Yarraville. He was pleasant enough, nice looking and quite artistic. I can't understand why he did what he did, repeatedly, three times convicted now.

Our friend from the past tried hard with his brother and has sacrificed an awful lot, but you cannot keep someone under observation 24/7.

'I just want to catch up with a mate', turned into a deserved gaol sentence.

There were mutual assurances that we will catch up soon. Blasts from the past are nice, but can't go back though, can you?


  1. I agree, you can't go back. I've tried with a few friends but I find I've moved on or they're suspicious I might want their husbands, as if.

  2. It is not unusual Jahteh for women to be suspicious. The other way around, not a problem. Yeah, there must be reasons why people fall out of touch.