Friday, June 22, 2007

Another one over it and a Dame M tale

Golly gosh, is it infectious? Another blogger has closed down. No names. I don't want to invade anyone's privacy like in my post yesterday.

Communicated via my least favourite communication device today, the telephone. Dame M had left a message on the answer machine. She has a new vcr but is yet to learn how to use it, so she asked if we were home, could we tape Oprah. I assume everyone knows vaguely who Oprah is. I guess she was going out for lunch. I was at work, so no could do.

She wanted an Oprah show about gbh, ice, heroin and drugs taped. She had a call from her step son. His twenty one year old son is in a rehab clinic to cure himself of his heroin and ice addiction. Rich boy, attractive, not long back from an extended overseas holiday. He was in the clinic before his long holiday, but as soon as he arrived back to Australia, he was straight back into it. He was admitted by his parents last time, this time he admitted himself. One really wonders why such people are so troubled and I have my theories, but I will leave that to another day.


  1. I've read that ice is worse to get off than heroin. Twenty one and addicted is not good but rich kids are targeted by dealers for being rich. I known at least two blowing their inheritance before they inherited.
    My granddaughters have a trust fund but it's a perpetual trust, they don't get a cheque at 18 or 21.

  2. Well granny better be very nice to her granddaughters if she wants a stipend.

  3. Sad sick drugs, they fukk lives over badly for all concerned...really badly!!