Wednesday, June 06, 2007

67 Carnegie bound

I used the number 67 tram today, five times. I had to be somewhere at a certain time and I needed to hop on and off a couple of times, so I checked the online timetable first. I noted down some times and slipped the note into my pocket. I also looked at timetables at the tram stops. While it worked in my favour most of the time and apart from the first one I caught that was two minutes early, not one of the rest of the trams was even vaguely on time according to the timetables. I am used to catching trams 5,6,8,16,72. They seem to perform so much better. Ok, the 72 is not great, but I can catch a bus normally. The 16 is usually too crowded. The 67 always had plenty of seats though.

When returning home, three teenagers boarded. F this f and c that, such bad language. I have no problem with bad language when used in context but they were horrible. Two who were already on the tram and seemed drug affected walked to the door to alight and one started scratching something on the interior paint work.

The good part was someone who was sitting opposite me was caught for not buying a ticket. She was unfazed as her details were taken. I expect she has been down this road before. I was impressed by the ticket checker who was very polite and showed empathy, without going over the top. While they could well be out there and I see a lot of them in action, I am yet to come across one of these ultra nasty ticket inspectors who beat up passengers.


  1. Now, I am going to be honest. I swear. Especially when I'm seriously annoyed, and then some very un-Mary Poppinish anglo saxon verbs slip from my mouth.

    But that's rarely, and I really don't like swearing being used in everyday conversation.

    ESPECIALLY on public transport. I would have told them off!

  2. Just don;t pay for your fare, don't give details of address or NOK and spit on them or something,...then you WILL se action.
    Oh, sorry, I need to remember who I am talking to, and that is you Andrew, a lovely well mannered person is you :)

  3. I'm not aware of any bad things that happened on the lines on Wednesday. I was working. Perhaps that was it.

    I'm amazed she was unfazed, because if she's been there before, the fine is larger for repeat offenders.

    I, too, am yet to come across an ultra nasty inspector. I've seen people detained, but as cazzie says, those who get it always have it coming. Resisting, assault, etc. All over a ticket.