Thursday, May 10, 2007

Highriser errors 1 and 2

I was waiting for my dealer someone today. I was standing next to a raised garden bed with some ugly strappy plants in it, as is the present day style. I idly noticed a few weeds and proceeded to pull out a cape weed and a milk thistle.

Then came the point where you know what you are about to do is wrong but you cannot stop yourself in time.

What is that weed, I thought? I remember that weed from my childhood. I recall something about it. And as my hand wrapped around it to give it a good yank, ah yes, it is a stinging nettle. Too late, she cried. But I survived and the plant did not.

The dutiful son posted his mother's day card yesterday with a small amount of cash in it. Luckily R is not here and could not lecture me on how mean and ungenerous I am.

This mail box will do. They are doing roadworks too. How interesting. Passing by two hours later, there was note on the post box, presumably written by the workers who had now blocked off access to the letter box, Mail Box Closed. It is still closed today. I am guessing my Mum just ain't gonna get her card by Sunday.


  1. Ouch, stinging nettles :(

    If you were my son I would be wrapt to get a card, even if it arrived late!
    I gave my kids 4 dollars each for the Mother's Day stall at school today. I cannot wait to get their gifts..especially their handmade cards :)

  2. That's what I should have given my mother, four dollars.

  3. Give up Cazzie. Spell it out. Btw, you may find this of interest.

  4. You should have kept the stinging nettle. Boil it in water, and use the water for rinsing your hair. Witch Tip #32.