Friday, May 11, 2007

Where is R?

Here he is.
It is work you know.
He better come home soon.
The apartment is looking skanky.
I cannot arrange flowers.
I am losing weight.


  1. Totally awesome...I can just imagine how you are feeling, I would want to be there with him too!!
    Other half used to be in the Army Reserve, when he went away I used to go out with my girlfriends and dance the night away..the homecoming was the best!!!
    Get yourself a little roast and cook up some nice veggies, it would make a nice couple of meals. Or, a nice soup, Oyster soup with fish stock, oysters and herbs, simmered for 30 minutes and serve after blending it all together...nice with a swig of sherry..apparently, sherry is the IN thing again.

  2. Given our awesome vicely-regal powers we can arrange for Avon ladies - oops - "laddies", how careless and insensitive - to ring your bell at any hour of your choosing to keep you from your current (apologies John Keats' "Belle Dame sans Merci" - one of me fav'rit pomes) alone and palely loitering circumstance.

    BTW Shirley (or, given our wide brownie land of sweepng copperwitches, droughts and flooding plains. and as equally plain as the nose on y'cameraface - should that be Shiralee) you would've been proud of the two girls at Parliament House.

    Frisked three times ... and they still got away with the solid silver monogrammed one-off salt and pepper shakers.

    We remain in awe ... and remand for 6 months ... as an unwitting (and seriously witless) accomplice.

    The shame, the shame!

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  4. Thanks Cazzie. I like the sound of the soup. I am being melodramtic, as gay people often are.

    I am sure you have the contacts too M'lord. R returns tomorrow.

    Aren't they a wicked pair. I bet coppery instigated it. Sometimes people become kleptos when they are relieved of stress for a period. I am sure you keep them well seperated from Mrs M'lord. Hope the lunch was good and best wishes for a day you never thought you would get to. (bet you egged them on)

  5. We forgot to sing Happy Birthday to him in the Queen's Hall. He picks a nice bottle of red by the way AND drinks it.

  6. ... avec mucho gusto!
    The 1956 shiraz strikes again. (Thank you boiz. Thank loinsmen. Thank you Jack Thompson.)

    (Just beteen you, me, 600 Handsard reportersand the whole Itermenet, she's a nympho AND a klepto... barely got away with me honour and BVDs intact.)

  7. He goes 'commando' and has no Honour, she took off with the milkman.

  8. Awww, that's so cute!!