Friday, May 04, 2007


What can I write about? Random thoughts of course.

Noticed my doctor had grey whiskers yesterday. Still looks hot. Seen his pics on the net. Stunning body.

At 8.30 am, I had to wait ages for a bus or a tram. I could have walked to Prahran, and I should have.

I will be parted from my beloved for a week.

There is a crane nearby that is giving me the creeps. It does not stay still at night time.

There were two car crashes down below this week. Only minor rear end, not worth the pics.

A week ago, finally the grand prix extra lighting finally went off. My bedroom is now darkish again after about three months.

While the ducks fly past in the evening in one direction, why do some seagulls fly into the suburbs and some to the sea for the night? It is funny to see many passing many going in opposite directions.

Procrastination Friday, the day I put off vacuuming until the very last minute before R arrives home.

Will I starve to death while R is away for a week?

I would be happy with a wet and miserable winter.

Yesterday it was christmas, today it is May. What happened?


  1. You won't starve if you answer your emails.

  2. I will make a polite answer to the email Jahteh, but I can only write a yes or no one when I know the time and date.