Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This weeks flowers

We have had some nice flowers since my last flower post, but nothing too special.

If I am not working on a Saturday, flower change over day, R and I usually squabble at the Prahran Market over what flowers to buy. It is always a negative argument in so far as he asks if I like this bunch, or I ask if he likes this bunch and way too much, 'what do you like'.

This last Saturday he left me alone at Mojitos to finish my breakfast and buy the flowers while he bashed off to the electric beach.

Such responsibility. But I did pretty well for $6. They now, a few days later, look better than when I took the photo and they are gorgeously large. They don't deserve a dail up friendly size reduction.


  1. i think they are very pretty

  2. Andrew, I love these flowers. They remind me of my wedding/ honeymoon at the Hyatt, just superb. What a bargain, I love the Prahran Market too, I used to go there when I worked at The Alfred. I would also frequent Cafe' Sienna too.
    I buy a bunch of flowers every week from the greengrocers. They sit on the hallstand and greet our guests upon entry.

  3. Thankyou Broadwaybabe. Nice writing. Very romantic. You should write lyrics for some Asian pop group.

    Ah yes, remember the hallstand Cazzie. Far enough away from the living are for allergies not to be a problem.