Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Cast List

I have decided to make a new cast list. I will keep the old one but this one is more to the point and hopefully more logical.

  • R, my partner since I was twenty one. Born in the UK but has been here since he arrived when on his world adventures as a teen and stayed on. He is a few years older than me. Edit: We have both now retired.
  • Mother and step father. They have been together for thirty five years and get along some of time. Mother is a health professional's walking nightmare and a great talker. Step father still works at the age of eighty. Edit: Step Father is dead 26/12/08.
  • ABI Brother, has an acquired brain injury but works a full time job and has his own home and umpires football and cricket. Edit: Now retired and is full time carer for our mother who has moved into his home.
  • Tradie Brother, a successful tradesman who drinks too much and is very socially conservative. He has been kicked out of the matrimonial home to live in a shared household. Edit: Is now back in the family home on his own which he owns outright. Edit: He has become much more socially tolerant, partly thanks to ex wife and his own children. Edit: After a period of not working he is now undergoing a course caring for the elderly and disabled. 
  • Sister, a dyke teacher with a girlfriend who is a bone surgeon. They are expecting a child soon. Edit: Little Jo was born in 2007. Edit: Bone surgeon is now a GP specialising in sports medicine. Live on the Bellarine Peninsular.
  • Stepmother and father. Father dead in 2000, step mother lives with her new partner in the north of the state.
  • Brother friends. We have been friends with them for a long, long time. We have had some issues, but we have survived them. They have boyfriends in Thailand and visit them twice a year. Edit: Not really our best friends now. One has had cancer but has recovered. Edit: The recovery was remission. He has now died. His surviving brother has moved to Thailand.
  • Ex NT Politician. He is exactly that, along with being a cop and a journalist and now works for a peak agricultural body. He has a Fijian Indian partner who had a special friend as well. Too complicated for me, but it works for them. Edit: Retired and now is a radio announcer for a volunteer radio station. Edit: Died March 2018
  • The Dyke Friends. T moved to Sydney to further her career a few years ago but her heart became defective and she had a heart transplant. She now has a girlfriend here in Melbourne and they are happy together and both are good fun. Edit: They are separated and now live alone but remain friends. Edit: T moved to Launceston, Tasmania.
  • Dame M. She is a rich widow who lives in faded grandeur on St Kilda hill. She smokes, drinks and gambles and at 82 is still hale an hearty. I could almost recommend her vices. Edit: Dead, 2008.
  • The Boarder. Dame M's house is large and she has a boarder of twenty plus years, sometimes known as Jasmine. Edit: Moved elsewhere. We see him at times. Edit: He died early 2016 at a young age after cancer complications.
  • The tenant. Dame M owns two flats above her house and one of tenants is also a friend of ours. Edit: Lost track of him
  • The Hairdresser. A close friend of Dame M's boarder. She has lived in a tiny rented flat for many years in St Kilda West and drives a sports car.
  • The Mountain Women. They live in the hills and they have found love with each other after being married to men.
  • Brighton Antique Dealer and her ToyBoy. She has an antique shop in Brighton where she lives. Her toy boy is only a few years younger than her. She is terrific fun. Edit: Shop is sold and she is now in a nearby retirement apartment. She moved her ToyBoy on.
  • Wombat, our dyke friend in Japan. A long time friend met through R's work. She lives and works in Japan.
  • My Sydney Friend. A total user of the system and people, but never me. He is a professional Sydney gay guy and all that goes with it. Edit: Pretty well don't hear from him anymore.
  • Western district friend. Life would never get old for him, but it did, and it is not a great idea to retire to a town where there are no medical services. Lived in London and Amsterdam and inner Melbourne until retirement. Edit: Very old now and will soon be in care. Edit: He was in high care, now installed in a self contained unit in a town near to where he last lived. His house has been sold.
  • Ex Sis in Law. She kicked my brother out from home for good reasons. She is lovely and a wonderful mother. Her parents live in a attached granny flat. Edit: Both parents have died. She is engaged and bought a house with her new partner, now husband. Edit: Moved to Gippsland and she and her husband own a local store and bakery. Edit: They walked away from the business. Sold their house, about to move into rented house on the Mornington Peninsula.
  • Fire Fighting Nephew. Twenty with 'dreads' and lives in North Melbourne and does various jobs, from manual work to waiting. Sweet kid, well travelled but not as naive as he may seem. Edit: Still has dreads, somewhat older, now lives in Carlton.  Edit: Dreads gone. Now lives in Gippsland, a firefighter for the DSE and has a permanent girlfriend. Edit: Engaged to the aforesaid and both living in a flat in the inner western suburbs. Edit: Married and living in a rented flat with their dog while their off the plan apartment in a seaside town is being built.
  • Oldest Niece and Fire Fighting Niece. One eighteen and is already a supermarket department manager. She has ambitions though. The other fifteen. Our favourite. She stays with us every so often. Edit: Oldest is engaged and is almost a school teacher. Younger has a boyfriend. Edit: Oldest Niece, along with her partner have their own house and three children, Little M, Little Em and the boy Little L. Hippie Niece now works for a local council in the their parks and gardens department. Edit: After being with a South Sea Islander for a time, she now has twin daughters and has not coped well as a mother but 
  • O/S rels: R's three sisters int the north of UK. Two of whom have visited us in Australia with their husbands and one adult child. The last one is pending.


  1. I loved reading your cast list Andrew. It is just wonderful and heartening to read about everyone that means something in your life (and R's too of course).
    I ought to do a post just the same but I am at a loss where I would begin.
    Life is just NOT that simple. I love everyone I am friends with, and indeed, my friends ARE my family... yet everyone is so..well...diverse.
    Would I have everyone of them in the one room together at the same time? Yes I would, and I plan on doing so for my 40th in a few years time.
    I will then be living by my own favourite quote... those that matter won't mind!

  2. 'The Cast' - I just love it !

  3. Thanks Cazzie and Bwca. Isn't it a bit sad that I can list those near and dear? Don't have many friends nor family really.

  4. Quality over quantity, any day.

  5. That's what I say Bwca, and almost convince myself.

  6. just catching up with the cast Updates. that new girlfriend needs to have a glass of wine with your sister-in-law, because Tradie won't have changed one bit, and GF could save herself anguish time (I don't feel it is rude of me to remark on their lives since I have been in their situations myself).

    re Western District small-town medical failures: no Ballarat practices will take any new patients on. This includes ex-patients who moved away and have now returned. Colac has one doctor with english as a first-language. Camperdown is cool: they have a 'married couple' of doctors, and Creswick is the funniest: there is a doctor there with no receptionist - one merely pitches up and waits. When there are no patients, he locks door and can be found in the British Hotel betting on the races.

  7. Not so sure Ann. He is pretty good at the moment and his personal appearance has improved. And there is a lot I haven't mentioned too.

    Western District friend goes to Lismore to see a doctor, ten minutes down the road, who is only there a couple of days a week I think.

  8. Anonymous11:16 am

    I just discovered this section of your blog, Andrew. I was wondering what 'a professional Sydney Gay Guy' is. Do they differ from the unprofessional?

  9. Muscles, tanned, perfect hair, plenty of plastic surgery, lipo, shallow, loves dance music, bitchy, heaps of label clothing and shoes, has a sugar daddy, lives inner Sydney, ex rent boi and stripper, travelled, never worked at a proper job, Danish descent but grew up in Hong Kong, speaks Mandarin and for some reason we connected when he used to live in Melbourne and we stay in touch and catch up when either one of us is in Sydney or Melb. Melbourne. He works at maintaining a fully gay life style.

  10. Andrew-
    I joined this blog to connect with you. I am sure we are distant cousins with ancestors from Corippo. I have studied the genealogy quite a lot.

  11. WOW - that's quite a history right here Andrew! Awesome (and a little sad too). Do you come back to your blog sometimes (as I do mine) to check what date something happened?

    How different our 'casts' are, and yet how much we seem to each enjoy visitng each other's online worlds. Among the reasons I so ♥ blogging!

    1. I do check back for details on things BB, often details about travel but basic stuff too.

      In some way our casts are different, but like yours, mine is simply family and friends.

      Btw, I never understand how you fit everything into your day and you make it sound like it all happens so smoothly, usually.

  12. Tried to sign up to be a follower, but couldn't find the sidebar. Am I dim, or just tech challenged?

    1. Hi Susan. Where has it gone? I will reinstate it in day or so.

  13. This was great. Thanks for sharing your cast with us. Nice to know more about your inner circle.