Wednesday, June 20, 2007


We have lived here for almost five years now and exchange pleasantries with our immediate neighbours when we see them on the very odd occasion. Last chat was in the lift with the young man who was thirteen when we moved here but he is now learning to drive and I suppose eighteen. An L plate is often to be seen on their Mercedes. They are a rich family from Hong Kong.

Me: Issey Miyake?
Him: Sorry?
Me: Your aftershave. Issey Miyake?
Him: No, but I can understand why you think so. It does smell very similar. It is (I forget).
Me: It is nice.
Him: Thanks.
Me: See ya then.
Him: Bye.

Lift conversations are invariable brief, but he is not a gay is he? What do you think?


  1. Well... he DOES know Issey Miyake. Surely that counts for something? ;)

  2. he's 18 n he knows Issey Miyake? ok ur spot on! :)

    btw thats my fav perfume hehe.


  3. I LOVE Issey Miyake. I wear it.

  4. I forget..that's a nice name for an after shave, LMAO.
    When I was a young WA at a nursing home, I once assisted a lady to get ready for bed for the night. She smelt very nice...
    I said, "That smells so beautiful! What is the name of the perfume?"
    She said, "Ït's beautiful", I said, "Yes it is beautiful, but what IS the name of it?" She laughed and said "Beautiful" first I thought she WAS demented, turns out, as we know, it IS the name of a perfume...I never did buy that for myself either..

  5. Hmmm, obviously the female equivalent is pretty good too.

    It is nice that she bothered Cazzie. I admire people who don't give up until the bitter end.