Thursday, May 10, 2007

More trains

Surprise!!! For my whole life I have heard governments urging more people to use public transport and with not a lot due to the present goverment, they are. Surprise!!! government. Yes, you are surprised and have been caught with your red and green flags around your ankles.

The government has reacted to overcrowding on our peak trains by ordering more. Good idea. But they won't arrive until 2009 which does nothing for the present situation. It has become so serious that a temporary timetable is to be introduced.

How reactive is this and how much better it would if the government was proactive.

So, instead of ordering trains that can't be delivered until 2009 to deal with the overcrowding, how about doubling the order? By 2009, I expect the ordered trains won't be enough to deal with the numbers.

Surely it is like freeways. Build an urban freeway and the cars will come. Proven all around the world. Also proven, build a first class urban public transport system, and the people will come.

I am astonished at my cleverness and wonder why I don't get paid for it.


  1. Clever, yes you are, too clever to be a politician, pity that, we need brains up there!!

    If everybody validated their tickets on every journey they made, the government might have a better idea of the numbers of people who are actually using the system. Both trains and trams alike.
    Skank ass people don't validate, or just don't buy a ticket. It pisses my other half off when he has to do enforcements on the Premium City Stations. The people who do not have a valid ticket hold up the lines at the barriers because they do not have valid tickets in the first place.
    I heard a driver on the radio today, when I got ot listen for 5 minutes in between errands, and he was complaining about the overcrowding of trains, the cancellation of trains and also, things not dissimilar to what you have pointed out.

  2. At Melbourne Central, you HAVE to have a validated ticket - or you don't get through. But any idjit could see that, despite the trains running close to every 7 mins, the carriages are over-crowded and the services infrequent.

    You know, I commute twice a day - it's how I get home. I have no real choice.

    So Connex, SERIOUSLY.

    Provide a service that works - because currently, you're failing dismally.

    Do you know there is only ONE train every 40 mins DURING PEAK HOUR that stops all stations from Richmond to Box Hill.

    Only ONE. All the rest run express, meaning I have to wait up to a half hour for a train to my station.

  3. Yeah, it doesn't matter so much on trams Cazzie, but very important on trains. The people at the barriers could be concentrating on evaders, rather than those who have not validated.

    That is absurd Rosanna. I guess you have looked at going to Box Hill and then coming back.

  4. Of course, you are correct there Andrew, the evaders havent even spent a dollar on a fare...and that is not fair.
    I feel for Rosanna and anyone else who does rely on the trains to get to and from work, what a pain in the A#@ having such infrequent service.
    I know, if the early train is cancelled from our area, the subsequent trains are packed like sardine cans getting into the city, the makings for irrate passengers left stranded that extra time.

  5. Insanity yesterday when Brownie wanted to go to Southern Cross for the Bacchus Marsh train from Parliament but had to catch the train to Richmond, get out and catch another back to the city which would stop at Southern Cross.
    It was that or do the tram thing but she was told in the morning that trains would go from Parliament to SC after lpm but this was changed to 4pm.

  6. And had she have asked another train employee, she perhaps would have been givent the correct info, or something else again. They do inform the lowly platform staff with what is happening.