Friday, May 11, 2007

Famous person wants to do it up the ***

I am dying to tell you who this, but alas, I cannot. My friend is Sydney is truly wicked and that is why I like him. He did not know who this guy actually was. He is well worth knowing for such goss. Here is a very edited version of what he sent me, complete with salient pics. Lot's of asteriks to protect the guilty.

So here's the rundown. "S********" left town to get away from a jealous ex who was later convicted of armed robbery and put in Silverwater jail.
She was replaced by N***** who's new in town from Perth..(her pic is attached).
Well she's basically new in town in every capital city really but still the story works what can I say straight guys are f***ing stupid.
N****** met many guys on her time on certain sex hook up sites.
N***** was VERY surprised to see the guy on her MSN list at the logees on TV...a matter of HOURS after he wanked himself off on live webcam for her as he usually does.
I wonder what TV WEEK would think if I posted them THESE pics of him to them..oh dear??
Still, I think he's traded up looks wise.
N****** is a bit of a slut but she knows how to suck ck.
Any wonder the bitch M**** **** is walking funny in the red carpet photo, his thing is anal sex so he says on MSN as he masturbates for N***** on his webcam, and he's NOT small. (penis photo attached.)
He also really wanted to cum up a girls ass, then felch it out again. Straight men are so sick aren't they.

Here are some of his photos.
I included his red carpet snap from the (DELETED) :)
Unfortunately however, Samantha went downhill, and was convicted on several drink driving charges, and her work transferred her to new zealand after that...never to be heard of again.
Dont' get Samantha H confused with Samantha H (who was killed in the September 11 terrorist attacks.)


  1. Andrew, my little wilting petal, we really must get together for an afternoon of small talk.

  2. That's hilarious. But it's not Bert Newton, right?

  3. Sworn to secrecy Jahteh.
    Not Bert. This guy is hot.

  4. The girl is not Natalie Barr is it? Nah, it couldn't be.
    Mark Furze hmmm

  5. Never mind, I found the Swedish to which you were referencing. It's very funny - I'll email the translation to you.

  6. Should I check out who Mark Furze is Cazzie?

    Nothing to be confused about Rosanna. My friend pretends to be a female and goes online and has some fun with straight males. He really scored this time but has in the past too. One local hottie ended up buried in a Sydney cemetery. My friend asked me how to look up cemeterys. Fortunately my history interest helped.

  7. Yes I reckon you oughta, he is hawt :) Then again, pretty boys.... are they truly nice?

  8. Can be Cazzie, nice that is. Often quite insecure.