Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Down at the docks

I try to like Docklands, I really do but it is just so souless and empty most of the time. It was a lovely sunny day last week without wind when I visited. I was going to have lunch there but ended up going back into the city. I did not want to be a sole diner.

Pic was taken around twelve noon on a weekday at Waterfront City in the direction of the Walk of Fame of whatever it is called. Opera singer June Bronhill if you cant' quite read it.


  1. I've been down there twice and it has all the sterility that 21st century living has to provide. I think it has to do with how much concrete is down there. It just seems as though it's missing humanity. The only people I see down there are visitors, making it look like some sort of shoe-box theme park. Yes, it's a rough assessment, I know.

  2. Hey, I agree with Rob and with you too Andrew. We took our lovely friend Chantelle down there a few months ago for a Sunday breakfast. The people we did see were tourists and some locals on their treddly peddlies. The breakfast was nice, but the ambiance was nudda!! I said to my hubby and Chani that we would have been better off going to Lygon Street for breaking our fast...so next time, that is where we will head.
    Yes, too much concrete, makes you feel cold.

  3. Too much open space with too much concrete. The tram tracks are all to be relaid where the 86 and 70? terminate. It is recognised that the area is too large for the purpose. Preliminary work has started on the Collins Street extension.