Monday, May 07, 2007

Dear Joy

I am addressing this to my favourite presenters. Adam and Peter, Mark and Karen, Gillian and Clare and special mention to Shanton and a few others. I think you are all entertaining and I enjoy listening to you.

I am sorry, but the recent ructions at Joy Melbourne had me wondering whether I would renew my membership. It is obvious that there are serious problems. People don't go public without good reason. The natural inclination is to not dis something you once cared about. I don't listen to Joy very often now, usually only at weekends when sport comes on our ABC. But that is not so different to my normal habit of many years.

I have only heard the vaguest of mea culpas by management who ultimately wear the crown or the cross. My partner always listened to Brendan and Kaye in the morning and then later Brendan and Lizzie. After a week or so, he found a commercial radio station to listen to. It was the last straw when announcers were not allowed to talk about Brendan and Lizzies departure.

But the real crunch came when my membership renewal arrived and it is $66. I suppose I can afford it, but compared to other orgs I am a member of, it is very high subscription and I am not sure why it has been increased so much since last year.

I have been a member for quite a few years, but while it has been a very hard decision, I have decided to not renew my membership. I feel some guilt because if too many do what I am doing, Joy may be unsustainable and younger people won't have the privilege of having Joy, but I must do what I feel is right for me.


  1. Good for you Andrew, I go between Joy and 3AW for my own choice of listening. I think it stinks what happened too, it left the audience wondering WTF was going on there.
    They only have themselves to blame if they meet their demise, because they should remember it is the people that make the audience that gives reason to go on. No audience, no support,no radio. Such is life.

  2. 3AW, oh. Never mind. I believe Joy has quite a large number of straight listeners, well you would know that too. Even me with some inside knowledge, is puzzled. Joy was really important to me at a younger stage of my life. I hope it is there for younger people and I feel bad for all the voluteers.


Before you change something, find out why it is the way it is in the first place - unknown.