Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The cook, the nieces, the gospel and the choir

My nieces were very naughty and their wicked mother encouraged them......well could not help herself. My sis in law catered food for a choral performance and her daughters assisted.

It was a religious choir, but not of the sort that may come immediately to mind. The audience was very animated with much waving of hands in the air, hallelujahs and praises to the lord.

Nieces suppresses their giggles at the passionate antics, as did sis in law.......for a while. Eventually sis in law broke up and the nieces followed suit.

Sis in law did get paid.

They clearly have as little time for wanky born again religion as moi.

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  1. LOL, they should have pretended to speak in tongues, get the congregation really wound up!