Friday, May 11, 2007

The colonial on Blair

Most of us will remember Thatcher's Britain. R comes from the north of England and a grey, sullen and depressing place it was during Thatcher's time. Those in the south weren't as badly off generally, but I recall feeling at the time that England was not a nice place to be.

Enter Blair. The north, Newcastle where R comes from and Manchester too, are now vibrant places. Much money was pumped from the south to the north and maybe some EEC money too. Scandinavians now travel to Newcastle just for the night life. What was empty warehouses along the river have been turned into shops and apartments and it is very lively. The shops are bright and welcoming and the city has a very different feel to what it did fifteeen or so years ago. England is now viewed very differently and much of this must be to Blair's credit. He could have gone down in history as one the best Prime Ministers in England's history. He got the babaric fox hunting banned. He even managed to get Adams and Paisley in Northern Ireland speaking to each other.

Why did he have to spoil it by siding with Bush and our horrid PM and go to war in Iraq. Who supported Bush against the Middle East? Spain, who got le bombe, England, who got le bombe, Australia who indirectly got le bombe, twice.

I think history may judge him well, but always with veil of Iraq hanging over the judgement.


  1. Scandinavians now travel to Newcastle just for the night life.

    Maybe RICH Scandinavians, Andrew.

    My Swedish cousins / friends stay firmly in Sweden for the night life and Germany for the alcohol.

    The Danes have Copenhagen and the Oseberg region - too many clubs to travel the seas!

  2. From friend of a friend come stories of Cherie being quite nuts and getting worse after being introduced to conman Foster. Blair started well but like everything touched by GDubya is tarnished.

  3. Yes, my mind was refreshed about Cherie the other day. Btw, do you have some taxpayers property you need to return?

  4. Rosanna, it was a few years ago that I heard this. Newcastle is not a big place, so a few might have a large impact. I believe there is a regualar ferry service.

  5. And Rosanna, what did Adam post in Swedish?

  6. I refuse to return the portrait of Saint Jeffery.

  7. Leave me the link on my blog - I'll translate for you.