Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bloggers inspiring me

I am often inspired to write a post because of something another blogger writes. It is not a copy of a post, but just something off on a tangent. This time it is Hecho En Mexico blog that has inspired me. Last time it was Practically Perfect.

I use two first names. They are just a swap of my two given names. My second name is Andrew and my more recent friends from the last ten years or so, know me as Andrew as does almost everyone on the net and everyone in our building and everyone I meet. I sign myself as Andrew on all but the most important documents. My family refers to me by my first name although they know I use Andrew now. The brother friends and the ex NT politician also. The brother friends are a bit nasty about it at times by making a big deal about using my old name in front of my new friends. Well, you just have to overlook nastiness at times for the greater good.

Poor R. He has to remember who we are with and what he will call me. Privately, he goes half and half. In moments of passion perhaps it is 'bitch/slut boi' or maybe it is 'daddy' or 'Sir' or 'faggot'.

I am the only one who never gets confused by it. Ten points to AFE for his researching prowess. Surprised he bothered. Well, it wasn't hard really.

No hot links. Do the research yourself if you want to know.


  1. I don't know why you changed to Andrew, "Hello Sailor" has a nice ring to it and trips off my tongue very easily.

  2. I can't remember the post I inspired?

    So, you changed your name per se? Good for you! I did too. Except I really did my change my name by DPOL, due to everyone having always called me Rosanna since day dot (including my parents).

    It seemed silly to have 'Rosanne' on my birth certificate.

    Andrew is a lovely name.

  3. At least you know my new name Jahteh. I only found yours out a week ago.

    Thank you Rosanna. Rosanne is nice too. My mind has ceased to make a suburb connection.

  4. Oh yeah R. This one.


  5. I must have missed the implied reference. I do agree with you RE: looking after your skin, however.

    Obviously I have scars, but they will fade. As for sun spots - they never fade. I drink loads of water and am absolutely fair-coloured (very un-Australian, or so I hear).

    I don't like the name Rosanne. Still don't understand why they put that on the birth certificate, but chose to call me Rosanna.

    Some weird Swedish thing.

  6. Names and gender tend to get mixed up around here depending on whom we are with at the time. I just might as well give up on the whole pronouns thing sometimes...I reckon a pet name would better suit..hard to forget and easier on my mind.

  7. $50 or I'll tell everyone your other name.

  8. As expected Andy, you are cheap.

  9. I don't think I want to know your other name as I'm having too much fun imagining what it might be.

    I've discounted Jai'den and Jet, and now considering Auberon or Aramis.


  10. Andy and I have known it all along, my friend. You forget the colleague element and the sphere of my influence.