Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A bit of fun

Daniel posted this on his blog yesterday and I thought I would have a go or four.

10.30am, 73wpm and 5 errors.
4pm, 35wpm with 28 errors. (Obviously stressed by tram experience)
8.30pm, 50 wpm, 7errors.
11pm, 79wpm, 11 errors.

Just as Daniel mentioned, perhaps my typing is deteriorating because I don't chat online much now. While most don't bother with caps and puncs when chatting, I still do.


  1. Ohh, we have something in common, I am usually a stickler for the caps and puncs in typing anything, comes from being taught to type on my old Olivetti Typewriter as a kid. Then, I had a wonderful English teacher in two of my forms in High School, she was also a stickler for these things.
    Sometimes, just occasionaly, I will make a running comment and shorten a few words, even type in slang..shock horror.

  2. Like Cazzie, I too only dabble in slang abbreviations occasionally but Jesus HR that is some pretty fast typing at 73wpm & 5 errors. I also noticed you were back to your best after your initial post-tram slump!

  3. I sometimes let up too Cazzie, but not often. My friend in Sydney used to type as we do, and yet over the last year he has stopped. The only punctuation being full stops, and then only if essential.

    Guitar man, I suprised myself. I thought around 45wpm. I self taught myself to type using proper fingers as a teen. But only learnt to type without looking at the keys since the arrival of the net, in my case mid nineties. I have seemed to have developed a habit of typing faster that I am thinking lately, and hence leave words out.