Sunday, May 06, 2007

Back on keel

I am not good at being alone. It would take me a long time to become used to living alone. I have spent a crazy and obsessive weekend which I am now viewing as unsatisfactory and stupid. I had to do it. I was driven. I am now back to reality. No damage done, no glasses broken.


  1. You should have picked up a good book and listened to some nice music :) I worked last night and this morning I worked out for an hour then mopped all the floors.
    Then I got a call from my friend who is being treated for leaukaemia saying her counts of neutrophils have gone down, not up, so now they are looking for a bone marrow donor.......sorry, I am a bit sad just now. Runs away...

  2. It took me about 5 minutes to adjust to being alone, l minute to move to the centre of the queen size bed and no time at all to claim the bathroom shelves for make-up and face cream.

  3. I suppose getting away from someone who you don't want is a bit different. I have my own bedroom any way.