Saturday, May 05, 2007

24 hours in the life of highriser

Wake 6.30 from the click of the door when R left for work.

Go back to sleep till 7.00. Listen to some news and go back to sleep.

Wake up at 7.25 to hear Ali Moore bashing on about her radio program.
Rise at 7.30.

Check emails, download pornography, put load of washing on, put dishwasher on.
Respond to 'friend' who once again cancelled lunch. I am getting a little bored with him, but I knew it was coming, so prepared myself.

9.30 Shower and dress, look at more pornography.

10.00 Eat breakfast and take recylables down to recyling room. Speak to building manager about various issues.

10.30 Cross road for nice coffee and a read of the free Herald Sun. Fill blood pressure medication script at nearby chemist. Buy black x3 reading specs. Return to chemist as I could not read that they were x3 specs. I only wanted x2. Chemist finds some out the back.
The rest is a blank until:

1.00 Walk to tram stop and straight away catch tram. Alight at Southbank and walk to Eureka building to see what there is to be seen. Nothing. Stroll along Southbank and over Yarra River bridge.

1.10 Catch tram in Elizabeth Street, moved off as soon as I was on board.

1.30 Cracked pepper pie crn Bourke and Elizabeth. Go to Medicare office to claim doctor bill. Very busy but very efficient.

1.40 See gift shop and know they have nice sun glasses, cheap. Buy sunglasses after checking almost every pair.

1.30 Catch tram to Brunswick Street for haircut. Tram arrived immediately I was at stop. Must wait for 30 mins for headjob. Pass time by going into Post Office and buying latest first day cover, Shipwrecks. Old workmate working there who I have not seen for around 15 years. PO not busy, so had nice chat. I still look the same he said. What a liar. While he is the type who used to bolt on taxis and get into venues by climbing over fences, I do actually quite like him.

2.00 Walk a couple of Fitzroy streets and amaze at rows of 12 single story terrace houses.

2.15 Get hair cut.

2.30 Catch tram to St Vincents Plaza. Change to a Latrobe Street tram. Alight at Swanston Street and enter Queen Vic shopping centre. Buy a couple of grocerie items.

3.00 Catch tram home

3.15 Empty dishwasher

4.00 R arrives home

4.45 Leave in car for Dame M's where the group of ten is setting off for Fantasy Ball at 6.

5.00 Arrive Dame M's and over the next hour all arrive. Have glass of champers and nibbles.

6.00 All depart for ball in stretch limo. Leave with ex NT policeman friend for dinner at KL Cafe in Ackland Street. Very good as usual.

8.00 Dropped back to car and drive home. Watch tv.

10.00 Go to bed

4.30 Arise and take R to airport

6.00 Ponder life alone for one week.

7.00 Go back to bed.

Pics are the limo and the bar. Jaz falling into limo. Pretty feet. Unhooking Dame M's lace from Miss Coral Trout's sequins.


  1. You had me at 'headjob'.

  2. Whoaaaaaa -- living the life of a rock star, arent we? ;)

  3. Yep, Ms Princess, we're thinkin' a Downunder Paris Hilton doin' the town, but with a little more (nah, who're - ;0) - we kidding ...a lot more!) class. Well, perhaps.

  4. Speaking of Jahteh, I need some tips.

    Don't forget Princess, I was the one taking the photos, not travelling in the car.

    Well M'lord, Jas is a free woman. Paris is not. Wonder if she will a 'girl' experience in prison.

  5. Wow, at first I was thinking the Jaz was my friend Jackie Deluxe, upin second glance I know it is no her because, other than you having mentioned her name, the legs are way too long to be my Jackie's,LOL.
    Very nice pins on Jaz, Dame M's outfit is devine!! She ought to be renamed, " Miss Devine", :)

    I should really make myself another blog, I could put pics on there that are amazingly similar to your outing, "My Other Wonderful Life" I guess I could call it.

  6. I like the idea Cazzie. A blog for compartments in our life, or aspects of our personality. I kind of guessed you weren't just a pretty nurse, wife and mother.

  7. (Blushes) pretty... I heart you Andrew :)
    I will give the other blog some thought.