Monday, April 23, 2007

A wonderous thing

Our brother friends found this on a nature strip waiting for hard rubbish removal. It is a bit cracked in the corner but works fine. The water is animated and you can hear the water falling and bird noises. Ok, it is as kitch as, and they have no intention of keeping it on display, but it gave us all a good laugh.

Then I saw a new one at South Melbourne Market yesterday for $145!!!


  1. Anonymous3:02 pm

    I saw it at the market yesterday too Andrew, thank god I didn't look at the price as I don't think my 20 month old can do CPR yet.

    Who on earth would pay that much for that?

  2. Anonymous4:10 pm

    Andrew, Iv'e got one almost as similar as that one, but I keep it boxed up in a cupboard. Some visitors have thrown scorn at it. But the best water light I once had was like a bedside lamp with Niagra Falls as the picture in the light.. with the water flowing just nicely. I keep looking out for one in the markets.

  3. The look pretty cool, but the pricetag is something else, yes. Still, with a three feet and four feet pair of fish tanks, I'm pretty set in the H2O department. Unlike the state.

  4. No idea Tony. It is one thing to find it but another to actually pay for it.

    Just bring it out for special occasions John?

    Everyone must make sacrifices Rob. Kindly explain to your fish that they must make do with less water.

  5. I told them that last week. Result - one suicide. The rest aren't talking, so it's looking a bit suss.

  6. Aw, I feel bad now.

  7. Love the South Melb market, must go there again some time. My dad used to have a stall there years ago.
    My Pop used to live down the road from it growing up, then he moved to St Kilda later on in the 1930's. His dad was a cabbie in the 1930's, he had the number 2 yellow cab. I been trying to find images of this in some of Melbourne's history pages, but I can't. My pa said they had to use horses to drawer the cabs when the feul rationing was on in the WW2 times or there abouts. He said they used to line up in front of the Flinder's Street Station. Great images it would be to get a hold of.
    Nuff rambling from me..sorry.

  8. I'll keep my browsing eyes open for the cab info. Did they call them radio cars or radio cabs back then?


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