Monday, April 23, 2007


I recently had occasion to get out an old video tape. When I picked it up, it weighed almost twice the weight of present day ones. I thought it might have been a four hour tape because of its weight. It would have been recorded in the middle eighties and when I popped it in the old JVC (no-one will get that old Graham Kennedy reference) the vision was excellent. I was amazed as I expected that it would have deterioated over time. Maybe it was a really quality tape, but unlikely as I recall always shopping for blank tapes on price.


  1. Don't keep me in suspenders! What was on the tape?
    Was it 'The Ring'?

  2. Clever Steph. No, just music vids.

  3. I did get it..I am
    Anyhow, I have many videos here and they withstand alot mofre than the DVD's do.. some of my tapes are over 20 years old!! DVD's, at least in kids' ands, are scratched so easily... blahh.


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