Monday, April 16, 2007

Thoughts of a teen

'I hate my Dad being drunk. I am never going to drink. Beer is bad.' Ah well, the best laid plans of mice and men......

'Why don't old people like our music. It is so good. I am always going to like modern music.' Well I did, until I got older. Now I don't like it much at all. It started going downhill in the nineties to the point where I just don't like much young peoples music. I love the music of my youth, the banal pop tunes, some of them anyway, disco and I have moved on you know.

I like quite a lot of trance and electronic and house. There are some very clever people out there who can mix electronic sounds and make quite good music, albeit you cannot sing along. Fifteen years ago when my eight year junior brother was renovating our house and one day he arrived when I was listening to a dance music program on Triple J and he suggested it was crap music.

There may well be a few people who move with the times and adjust to the music of now, however many times it changes. But I expect they are a tiny minority. The rest of us will cherish the music of our youth and not connect with modern music.

I think I would have done better with music if it wasn't for rap. My interest in modern music even included some early rap, but it was much more musical than the present stuffs.

How did I end up being this old person who hates the music that comes out of comes out of commercial radio stations? Well, actually, I have noticed they do play quite a bit of my music too, that is stuff from the eighties and nineties and even earlier. Young people seem to like quite a bit of my music.

Brother who did not like Triple J listens to the tradie radio station. I don't know what the frequency or call sign is, but all tradies listen to it, either on a portable radio or from their car radio. It plays what I consider the worst music of the seventies, eighties and nineties. I wish I was brave enough to tell them that they are listening to absolute crap, but they might threaten me with the large and dangerous tools.

There is a temporary tradie in my workplace at the moment. He has his radio blaring, but strangely when I come across him at around six pm, it ABC's evening current affairs program PM that he is listening to. I want to tell him he is weird, but I reckon he has a large dangerous tool too.


  1. Anonymous8:39 am

    Like you Andrew I seemed to give up on music in the mid 90s when rap and (do they still call it?) hip hop seemed to take over JJJ.

    A couple of years ago I discovered BBC 6 and now it's the only 'radio' I listen to. It's like JJJ once was - great music with DJs who know their stuff and it has made me interested in music again.

  2. Golden Days Radio (music for the over-50s), ABC Classic and BBC 6 as well. It's not just you!

  3. i'm 22 and the most played stations in my car (i don't listen to it anywhere else) are:

    ABC classic FM
    PBS and

    in that order

    i can't stand the dribble that gets made now

  4. Anonymous6:21 pm

    I LOVE ABC classic FM. And Enya. I always play Enya.

    But then, you know, I'm going to a Missy Higgins concert so...

  5. Rosanna I love Enya. She makes me sound so good when I sing along.

  6. You must have big rabbit ears Tony to tune in the Beeb.

    Brother friends listen to Golden Days Rob. I am very afraid that if I listen, I will like it.

    You are true class Kiki. Much head banging stuff on 105.9?

    Vaguely familiar with Enya Rosanna. Soothing.

    Once you hit your target weight Jahteh, your throat will be thinner and your vocal cords less constricted. Sing like a bird then.

  7. hahahhahaha,'vocal cords less constricted'.
    I have all the range of a vulture in full rapture over the carcass of a maggoty zebra.