Wednesday, April 18, 2007


My workplace has installed some tanks. Quite interesting to observe and my god, what cost. Pressure systems, piping everywhere, downpipes, overflows, electrics, etc etc.

We had a bit of rain a couple of weeks ago. Amazing how much water was in the tanks. Large collection area though. It amazes me as to how little water the men's conveniences seem to use. (I am on a lavatory roll? pun intended). Actually I suppose they service the women's lav too. Interesting as it has been to watch the water level slowly drop, it would be nice to see it rise.

Of course never mind that there is now no longer any hot water in the men's lavatory. It is about public relations.

Firstly the hot water service had to be moved further away so that a steel stairway to the roof could be built so that the plumbers could do their work. This made it a bit of a wait for hot water to come through but it did eventually.

But then flow restrictors and aeraters were intalled at the basins. Now there just isn't hot water anymore. Maybe if the tap ran for a few minutes, the hot water might arrive. But even when four people in a row have the hot water tap on, it still does not run anymore than tepid.

My workplace is fantastic at public relations. Pity they can't supply their staff with hot water to wash their hands.


  1. It's good to know that work f*&kups are not isolated. However, I'm sure the air con system in the building is fixed on a "same day" service, just like ours.

  2. Anonymous8:37 am

    We no longer have flushing lavatories at work - we have little blue cubes to aim at. I still, out of habit, press the flush button every time.

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  4. No surprise there Rob.

    Waterless urinals have been installed too Tony. No idea how they work. Waiting for the pong to start.