Thursday, April 26, 2007

The skin

It was a few years ago. I walked up to the bus stop in a quiet outer area. There was a girl waiting for the bus. She was late teens or early twenties, wearing a very low cut top and softly singing to herself. Her arms were also bare and she was without makeup. She did not stop her very pleasant singing as I arrived.

The last thing I want to be caught doing is staring at a teenage girl, but I could not help myself. Her skin was so white and almost translucent. But not so that you could see veins. Not on her face, arms or upper chest was there anything to mar her perfect skin. People like that are not usual. We almost all have scars, blemishes, spots etc to spoil us a little and the older you get, the more mars you have. Even harder for guys. Asian and Latin guys seem to better in this area, but of course dark skin can cover up. I love nice skin.

If you are a young person and reading this, look after you skin. Plenty of water, don't smoke, don't drink too much and definitely stay out of the cruel Australian sun.

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  1. She was an Angel by the sounds of things. I agree, people take "the envelope of life" for granted, they think it will always be ok, even with the harsh treatment they subject it to. If I could just take them on an excursion through some of the wards I work on, they would see, down the track, theat their habits have delayed response in years to come, that may well be their fete :(


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