Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Scum in our town

I shan't honour him with the title 'bloke', so let us call him a dude. He, obviously not in control of his anger, and throws a chair at someone. The leg of the chair pierces the victims eye scoket and goes right through to the neck. That is one magnificent chair throw. And he has been honoured for his efforts with a community service order.

Physical harm of a stranger should result in a gaol term. Severe deliberate physical harm of a stranger should result in a long gaol term.

Very subjective, but the antagonist looked to be a very comfortable eastern suburbs person with a good barrister. The victim, western 'burbs, perhaps Middle Eastern.

You really need to be in court and witness the trial before calling it, but on the face of it, I would say it is an outrageously light sentence.

There is more.

(careful with this one as some of it is my interpretation and no one has been arrested). An older bloke was out walking his toy dog when they were attacked by two pit bull terriers. I can just picture the type who was supposedly in control of the two pit bulls. No attempt to apologize, instead whacked the toy dog owner over the head with am empty bourban bottle. Do you have a good mental picture now?

Your police force and your law courts protecting you. Not!!!


  1. I thought eastern vs. western was so passe?

  2. Only used for brevity Rosanna. Tell me you did not get a mental image?

  3. Oh man, I got pissed off when I heard the guy got CBO for his fugged up attitude and almost killing the victim!!! Gahhh, what a stupid system we have, gimme the reigns people, I would surely sort the scum out.


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