Thursday, April 19, 2007

Parma at the Palmer

We finally have had a meal at the Palmerston Hotel, Kingsway, South Melbourne.

It is a cozy little pub and busy enough for a weeknight. The staff were very friendly.

R had the parmagiana and rated it excellent. I am not keen on parma, so I had a pepper steak. 300 gram steak is too much food for me, but I did not leave much meat just most of the chips. I could not highly recommend the steak. I think they focus hard on their parmas.

At the hotel is rated number two for its parma. Thanks D.

Pic from St Kilda Historical Society website.


  1. Best Parma I ever had was down in Williamstown on Anzac Day last year. Thick bird with triple smoked ham. It was divine!
    I'll have to try and convince Andy to make the trip with me to check the place out.

  2. You are happy to be seen in public with Andy?